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Will there be support and updates for newer versions of WordPress?

WAT WPShapere
Yes, we update our plugin frequently to fix bugs and work smoothly with the...

Does the plugin support older versions of WordPress

WAT WPShapere
WAT/WPShapere works on WordPress 3.5 and later. But we strongly recommend updating WordPress to...

Is this Admin theme responsive?

WAT WPShapere
Yes it is, WAT/WPShapere looks good on all screen sizes.

Can this plugin modify the URL of the admin section (admin url)

WAT WPShapere
No, the plugin can’t change the URL. We do plan on building a new...

I want to hide certain menu items for specific users, but not myself (Privilege Users).

Privilege Users: There is two options in the plugin to hide/show hidden menu items...

Is it possible to edit the menu items names?

WAT WpAlter - White Label Wordpress plugin WPShapere
Yes. You can rename both main menu and sub menu items in the main...

Can sub-menus be reordered?

WAT WpAlter - White Label Wordpress plugin WPShapere
This feature is only available with the WPShapere plugin.
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